rock star birthday

Angie threw another winning party for her daughter, a 'singing and dancing'-themed birthday. Check out that cake!

On a side note, I love what Irene of Bloesem Kids wrote about her son's last birthday..."I try to live life to the fullest, enjoying each moment, and birthdays play an important part in this for me, not so much throwing big parties but rather standing still and cherishing the moment of yet another year gone by…so we celebrated BIG time with small group…Lode, our eldest, my husband and myself, we ate chocolate cake, sang songs, gave presents..."

I love birthdays (and birthday parties, specifically) because it's one of those times when life stands still for just a moment. Isn't that why all of us love to throw parties for our kids? Their childhood flies by, and it's so nice to have a moment of time to reflect, cherish, and celebrate.

coloring party

It's no secret that I love the idea of using a book as a jumping off point for a party. When I saw this gem from Kensington Blue, I couldn't resist sharing! Lesley used her 2 year-old daughter's favorite book 'I absolutely MUST do coloring now' as party inspiration. The cake is irresistable, among many other details. Any budding artist would appreciate this colorful shindig. Be inspired, right here.