on the lookout for...giftwrap (and good customer service)

Yesterday, I continued my hunt for cute, continuous roll wrapping paper with high hopes. I knew I had to forget the Snow & Graham and Jack & Lulu paper that I covet, since the sheets do not come in a larger size I was looking for. 

I found my favorites at Target, Swoozies, and yes...even Hallmark. Hallmark is not usually a favorite of mine, but I was pleasantly surprised with their selection. Too bad the customer service was awful! They reminded me exactly why I crave the personal interaction at a boutique paper shop, or purchase items online.

In my gift wrap basket: red dot and red/pink floral from Target(not available online); blue and red pattern and striped paper from Old Navy (discontinued); green leaf, green lattice, white floral from Hallmark (not available online) and blue and white dot from Swoozies.