flora and henri

Flora and Henri is a favorite kid's clothing company, that we would often source for MS Kids. The items are pricey- but you really can't beat their quality and attention to detail for a special occasion dress or outfit. 

One of the things I love most about F and H is that their catalog photos tell a story. They engage and generate interest in the story line, as well as the clothes themselves. I'm posting some favorites- which have turned out to be quite a few- but I narrowed this down to a 1/3 of the originals I had pulled! I can't help myself. 

Each season has a different thematic series of photos. Above are excerpts from 'a birthday party', 'woodland fantasy', and 'the carnival' (these are names dubbed by me, not them). They remind me of a kid's version of Kate Spade, but with a more historical feeling.