a Party of a different sort

In June, my great Aunt Elly passed away at the age of 94. She was revered not only in my family, but by a great deal of people. She was Michigan's first female Republican chairman in 1964, which was a huge triumph- given that she was the first woman to chair any major state political party in U.S. History. She was also the national co-chairwoman of ERAmerica, a coalition that helped in the fight to get the Equal Rights Amendment ratified. She died a registered Independent. Needless to say, she's set the bar high for women in my family. 

The passion she showed for America and our political system fuels my desire to be a part of the political process. I hope- whatever Party you're a part of, and whomever you support- that you will choose to be a part of the elections this November. I have been riveted by the Democratic Convention this week and can't wait to see the Republic Convention on the 1st. 

On that note, Plum Party has a great selection of election party goods- what better way to inspire participation and excitement then throwing a political fete? The political cookies, shown above, are among my favorite things.