reader DIY gift wrap idea

Party Perfect reader Beth Kaleida of New York, NY sent us this cute idea for DIY gift wrap. Beth writes, "I bought two gifts for a good friend's son's 1st birthday...a cube-shaped box of blocks and a small hardback book that was also a cube shape. When I got home I only had plain white or plain blue wrapping paper. I had a moment of inspiration and decided to wrap the presents in white paper, and then color and draw on them to look like blocks. I made a white paper 'sleeve' to go on top of the normal wrapping, to hide the other paper folds and tape. Then I colored the permanent marker around the edges and drew the 'W' (for Will) and the '1' for his age. My husband thought I was crazy for going to all this effort for a child that was not mine, but it was a fun, creative release for me!" Note from Sara: For those of you who don't feel comfortable making letters freehand or want a more polished look, you could buy alphabet and number stickers from an office supply store instead. For those a wee bit craftier, you could print out your favorite font and use an exacto-knife to cut out the letter or number, then apply with spray-on adhesive. Thanks for sharing, Beth!