nashville (and national) spotlight: kayce hughes / pears + bears

Watch out, Cath Kidston! Kayce Hughes is poised to be your American counterpart very, very soon. 

A former designer for Ralph Lauren, Kayce heads up the beautiful, whimsical brand of Pears + Bears / Kayce Hughes.  Kayce knows her brand very well- she started out by designing clothing for her SEVEN children (no twins, either!). Her line has expanded to include great women's items and accessories.  

I was so thrilled when I met Kayce a couple of years ago- yet another cool lady in Nashville. It's no fair that she's beautiful and super skinny (that's her and some of her children in the photos above)...but at least she shares her wonderful talent with us. I'm hoping I might one day have a daughter, just so I can have her wear the Andrea party dress!

Above, some favorites & press (she did the bridesmaids dresses for Gen's wedding) pulled from her website.