party in pink

I was going to wait to post these beautiful baby shower pictures from Los Altos-based photographer Loren Weltsch until next week, but I just couldn't postpone- I think it's the perfect party to send you into the weekend. 

Let me count the ways I love this idea...
1) The look is very high-style, but I also think it is easily achievable. Pretty outdoor setting? Check. Lanterns in varying shades of the same color? Check. Simple flower groupings (with my absolute favorite flower- the peony) in varying shades of the same flower? Check. Things the 'average' person can do? Absolutely!

2) I'm often asked about 'themes' for parties, and I think there is no easier and prettier 'theme' then a color story. As long as you stay within a restricted color palette, you can easily mix a variety of shapes and patterns for a cohesive look. This party illustrates this concept so well! This same look could be achieved for the fall with varying oranges or yellows, with seasonal flower groupings on the table (mums, daisies, etcetera).

3) I love the way circles and dots are used both literally and in abstract ways. The invitation circles mimic the lanterns, the dot tags used on the food markers, even the cookies mimic the roundness of it all. 

4) I think rectangular tables are always prettier and easier to set-up - and I love the counter balance to all the roundness of the other elements.

Loren's photographs also make this party look even more special, so if you have it in the budget, a photographer (or even a friend who is good with the camera) will make your party memories last!

Thank you for sharing, Loren! Have a great weekend, everybody.