ode to will smith

I'm having a hard time focusing on anything right now, since my husband surprised me with a trip to South Beach this weekend! I can't stop humming Will Smith's "Going to Miami..." We've talked about taking this vacation for YEARS, and I suppose he decided we needed a celebrate our son's almost 1, late 5-year anniversary, early christmas present. 

I'm a born and bred Florida girl, so winters growing up were WARM. The current 38 degree weather in Nashville is helping get me oh-so-excited for the vaca! Back in the day I used to don a heavy wool overcoat with a hood when it hit the low 60's (seemed pretty chilly at the time)...I think I was jealous of the Northeastern preppy look. But these days I can't wait to put on short-sleeves again and sit outside for meals! Yay! 

Above is a picture by Paul Costello...this captures how I'm envisioning myself this weekend. Anyone with great recs for restaurants, please let me know! I'm having a hankering for some good Cuban food.