gift wrapping shout-outs

As I'm still adjusting to our tree situation, I figured this week would be a great time to direct you to some favorite holiday posts out in blogland. Today, I give you: great gift-wrapping ideas

From top: Linda & Harriet ornament-topped package and kraft paper wrap via Frolic; Style Court has a whole series on gift-wrapping, see bird and blue and orange combinations here; M.A. Belle's cute, eco-friendly gift-wrap is super chic with the torn fabric ribbon; dsharp continues to inspire and amaze me with all of her unique gift-wrap creations (6,7,8,9,10) favorite is the paint-chip dot ribbons!; Creature Comforts has been featuring some very creative d.i.y. creations such as the Target-bag pom-pom topped gift and Arial-lettered presents; lastly- Absolutely Beautiful Things featured these super easy gingham bags with a great idea- hang the bags from a tree as decor then distribute to friends!