ahoy!...a pirate party

A super cute pirate party from Anna for her son's 4th birthday...check out that pirate ship!

She says, "My husband sketched out the invitation with landmarks from our town. He had also been building a pirate ship playhouse for the children, even though it wasn't finished, we thought it would be fun for the boys. The party was supposed to be outside, but rain changed our plans. The treasure hunt was moved indoors...all the children found small treasure chests in the big one, that were filled with pirate goodies. When the children first arrived at the party we put mustaches on them and offered a scarf. The boys looked adorable! The apples were supposed to be bobbing in the water (to look like little boats). My mom made the children's costumes, she thought Grace would enjoy having one, too, and we made the cake. It really wasn't an elaborate affair, but I love having homegrown parties and Harris had a grand time."

Thank you for sharing, Anna! For more pictures, head over to her blog here.