makes me want a girl!

This party looks like every little girl's dream...

...and on a sidenote: I apologize to anyone whose comments I haven't responded to. If you'd like to send me photos of your party, please email them to hickspapergoods(at)yahoo(dot)com. I can't promise I that I can publish all of them, but I do love seeing each and every one! If you have a direct question for me, that's also the best way to reach me. I don't have any way of knowing when a new comment pops up unless I go back and look through all the old posts, which I often don't have time for (so sorry!). It's not that I'm ignoring you.

But I DO love all of your comments- thank you and keep 'em coming! On the days that it doesn't seem worthwhile to have a blog, they definitely sustain me. Lastly-regrettably, I'm not able to supply ideas for those of you looking for help planning a specific kind of party. If and when I come across some great inspiration I will be the first to pass it along- but I simply don't have the time or resources to invest in party planning, though I wish I did! Thank you to all of you for your continued readership. -sara