henri's circus party

I must admit I am not a fan of the real-life circus. But Cirque Du Soleil and circus-themed birthday parties are just dandy!

Dana went all-out for her son Henri's first birthday party. I'm personally in love with the favors (look at that amazing fabric and ticket-stub tags!). That cake- especially the lettering- really has me hooked. And all of the sweet vintage touches keep it from feeling like a 'factory-ready' party. I really adore everything, with the exception of the occasional tilted photo (a personal pet peeve of mine). Tip: Try cropping your photos differently or putting your 'scene' in a corner of the photo next time and see what a difference it will make!

I also heart the spelling of Henri's name. You can see all the love and hard work that was put into this lovely affair!

vintage wares... etsy and ebay
invites and paper goods...gaddie and tood
painting...kiki and polly.

And- OH! For those with kids- this article is laugh-out-loud funny.