fiesta + source update

I love the budget-friendly fiesta board on Snippet + Ink today. I'm sure we could all use a little cash-friendly inspiration at the moment! See more here.

...the board reminded me of those custom piñata's I've been hankering for. I contacted the sourced piñata company last week (Silver Crow Creations) to see if they indeed made custom pretties and just how much they might cost. Well- lo and behold, they do NOT make them. They referred me to Casa Bonampak - who I then discovered, does NOT make them either. So the hunt is on. If anyone knows of a company who does custom piñatas and you're willing to share, please post in the comments! I did, however, discover lots of pretty things on Casa Bonampak- paper flowers, paper hearts, custom 'Mexican' banners, and some great streamers.