gen says... (lucy's scrapbook + room)

A post by Genifer Goodman Sohr:

"This is o-so-sweet, creative, brilliant step-daughter! Lucy's latest creative project began with a Valentine's Day treat from Cupid - a red and pink polka dot photo album (from Target) and Martha Stewart's Playground Multimedia Pad (from Michael's). The pad is full of patterned paper- nice, heavyweight inserts that fit any standard photo album. It also includes stickers, letters, and everything else Lucy needs to adorn the album.

Since Valentine's Day, Lucy has spent all of her free time crafting pages of fantastical stories and illustrations- so I just had to share this idea. I know we will all enjoy looking back at this book in the years to come- such a fun way to document her 9th year!

Now that you have met Lucy...I thought you might also enjoy seeing a little peak of her room. It is full of fun crafting projects and collections. The lanterns above her bed are also from Michael's (the Martha Stewart line), and were hung with assorted grosgrain ribbons. The silhouette was a piece made by her dad with simple construction paper. A funny collection of assorted vintage animals tops her desk (collected from thrift stores and flea markets). There's also Lucy's prized possession- her Kid Robot collection.

Lucy's room suits her perfectly- girly, creative, unique and independent- just like she is!"

Thank you for another creative post, Gen! You've inspired me. -shm