weekend project #2

Last week we bought my son a 'first words' book. It had some common words like 'car' and 'ball'- but the car didn't look like ours and the neon orange soccer ball didn't look like any we owned. So I thought it might be nice to create a first words book exclusively for him, using objects that were more familiar to him and focusing on words that he was either already trying to grasp (ball, momma) or words that would be helpful to me (milk, water).

I started with some letters I had long ago purchased at a thrift store for a dollar. I was thrilled to come up with a project for them, since they have been sitting unused in a glass jar for at least a year. I photographed the words on a white background, and then photographed the objects on a white background as well. I did most of this during Gram's naps. Then I compiled the album in iphoto (I have a Mac), and sent it off Sunday evening. The price tag was more then I wanted to pay ($28 by the time tax + shipping factored in), but I think it will be something we will hold onto for years. 

If this one is a success with my little G, I'm thinking I will do a book exclusively of people in his life (his grandparents, uncles, doctor, etcetera), with the hope they will be more familiar to him- particularly the long-distance relatives.