out and about with Allison: Sam's 1st birthday

In Allison's words: 

"I wanted something playful and fun and well, thought the old Cowboy and Indian theme had been done. So I decided to focus more on the Native American part. We bought Sam a TeePee for his birthday which he loves and plays in all the time (his cave of sorts). Sent out cute Sideshow Press invitations, inviting Sam's friends over for an afternoon pow wow. I made all the girls flower felt necklaces with grosgrain ribbon and gave them each Native American names to fit their personalities such as, Leotie meaning flower of the prairie, and Lomasi meaning pretty flower. For the boys, I made headdresses that they surprisingly kept on their heads and I stamped their names on the back of their felt feather...Sam was named Istu meaning sugar, the other boys, Helaku meaning full of sun, and Kitchi meaning brave. Carrot cake cupcakes from a Barefoot Contessa recipe were divine. Paper bags with each child's picture held another cupcake for their take-home treat."