i spy: birthday video trend?

For you video fans, check out this very sweet and moving short film, documenting Piper's first birthday (thanks to mom, Amanda, for passing along!). It seems a great way to mark this first birthday milestone. The film highlights special snapshots and moments of the day, set to music that rides on the emotions of the occasion. 

I feel like I am seeing more of these 'high-tech' videos, that are not just a running video of a child blowing out birthday candles, but a more thought-out compilation of the birthday. Some people even hire production companies to document such occasions. What do you think? 

I hate to admit it, but we don't even own a video camera. I do short little films with the video feature of my point and shoot, but have never considered it a priority to buy a video camera. Perhaps something I will regret down the road? I don't know. We have only looked at our wedding video once (we were married 6 years ago), so I don't know if I'm just not a video kind of gal. Then again, I love really well produced short films, like these super 8 films Chelsea wrote about last week. Or perhaps I'm just lazy. I'm having a hard enough time keeping up with photo-documenting my son...I just started working on his first photo album- coming home from the hospital! Personally, I think a more high-tech digital camera is on my wish list before a video camera (hint, hint...mom).