weekend project (baby photo albums)

This was actually a project that lasted several weekends, but I officially got it off my to-do list this weekend, and I couldn't be happier! I've been meaning to do albums periodically, as my son grew up. However, time slipped away (as it always does!) and it never happened. I told myself if I didn't get the albums done before baby #2 arrives, then it would never happen. So with the help of iphoto (a Mac application) and some time, I managed to edit the thousands of photos down to several hundred. It's been bittersweet to look back and see how much my baby has grown in the past 19 months. Such a whirlwind. Anyway, I am feeling so accomplished and ready to tackle the rest of my long list of projects! For those of you that don't have Macs, it looks like blurb.com (thanks, Whitney!) is a good alternative.