waiting for inspiration

I spotted a link to Wovenplay on Simple Lovely today and it got me thinking once again about what I am going to do for G's Halloween costume. I feel the need to have something semi-homemade and totally creative, but nothing I've seen or thought of has either felt inspired or achievable. 

Since I'm most likely going to be in the hospital with my newborn second baby, I am going to be dependent upon my husband and his brothers to dress little G and take him around. Which means not only do I have to have something simple enough for them to execute and wearable enough for G not to take off - but it has to meet their approval. I have been given a hard time for not putting G in a 'manly' enough Halloween costume last year (he was the cutest little bee in the world- don't get me started on the absurdity of this conversation), so yet another factor to consider is the 'manliness' of the costume. If I weren't in the hospital I would probably dress him in a princess mermaid costume just to mess with them, but since I will be bed-bound, that isn't an option. 

I think I'm also making the costume a bigger deal then it needs to be, because I'm wrapping up all the emotions of having a second child in G's life, and wanting to make sure he still feels important. Lastly, I think it's the last year where I can dress him with little to no input from him. Oh vey. I'm considering sponsoring a contest to send your most creative Halloween costume ideas so I can copy one of you brilliant readers!

And speaking of contests- don't forget to enter the Layer Cake giveaway! The lucky reader will be announced next Tuesday.