weekend randomness: chinese apple juice?

I've admitted before that I am a Whole Foods devotee (I know, I know). Of course I venture to Publix and Target for other grocery staples, but most of my weekly food shopping is done at WF. This past week I was out of apple juice, and found myself in Target and picked up a bottle. As I was pouring the juice, I noticed a black stamp across the side of the juice carton and was a bit floored. My son's apple juice was MADE IN CHINA! I am cool with MIC clothes and other items- but my toddler's apple juice coming from the land of tainted baby formula and lead-laced toys? I was not happy. So I began thoroughly examining each and every label of just about everything in our house. I had been fooled by labels that state 'distributed by...' and normally lists a U.S. location. However, it is the black stamp printed on the side of cans and bottles which will tell you where the item was actually made. 

In my continuing research, I went to Publix to check out what their organic apple juice listed. It too, was 'distributed in the U.S.A.', but the stamp said it was made in Turkey (much preferable to China, I must admit). Then I went to WF, where the apple juice listed that it was made in the U.S. Which I guess left me feeling justified in spending the extra money I spend there, but still, this whole thing has got me examining the label of everything. It makes me a bit angry that I have to be such a vigilant consumer to ensure I'm eating food that I feel good about, but I suppose it's worth the extra effort in the end. Does it bother you to eat food products from China?

And on another aside- is anyone else bothered by the number of magazines closing? Just got word that Southern Accents has bit the dust. It wasn't necessarily my cup of tea, but I could appreciate a lot of the beautiful southern design it showcased.