meet Haley

Haley Dale is one of the most stylish moms I've ever met. She's one of those women everyone is envious of. Haley somehow manages to look chic every second of the day, brilliantly juggles the chaotic life of two young girls, has a mile-long list of talents (including sewing and jewelry-making to name a few), and never seems to break a sweat doing any of it (and oh yeah...she's gorgeous). She's also the go-to person for just about every question you might have: need to know what to wear to the boss' house for dinner? Ask Haley. Need to know who makes the best and most affordable window treatments in town? Ask Haley. Need the perfect gift? That's right...ask Haley. 

So it seemed like a natural fit to add Haley to the Party Perfect roster of contributors. Haley will be our go-to gal for gifts, and will be penning a monthly column called 'Haley's Picks'. I know I am always looking for guidance when trying to find just the right something. So without further ado, please welcome Haley to the Party!