not-to-be missed subway party

Where, oh where, have I been- you ask? Busily trying to get a million things done before baby arrives. Besides work items I have been: cooking furiously (trying to get baby meals out to a long list of loved ones, as well as stocking our freezer); trying to prepare nursery and house for another baby; getting down baby items from storage, replacing some items (hard to believe BPA-free bottles weren't as available just two years ago); starting to brainstorm for my son's second birthday party next month, finishing up long overdue house projects...the list goes on and on. Plus I've turned into an insomniac, with several recent nights of no sleeping at all. But believe me- you have been on my mind, and I will try to make it up to you- at least in the amount of time I have left!

First up, this not-to-be missed subway/transportation-themed birthday from Erin Jang via Black Eiffel. Don't you love all the graphic details? I think it's quite brilliant.