reader question of the week #2

"I'm having 20 folks (moms, dads, and young pre-school kids) to my house this Friday. I'm struggling with a make-ahead menu. I'm very much about keeping it simple, but with something special and impressive. But this is my very first time having children (lots!) into the house. The main event will be carving pumpkins in our garage. I have prizes for all the kids and a couple for the adults as well. So that's the party. All I can think of in terms of food right now is a soft roll sandwich (turkey loin maybe, something moist and able to be thickly sliced) with cheese and condiment assortment, beenie weenies for kids and adults alike, maybe some chicken breast bites for the kids (so not gourmet!!), and an assortment of cookies and pumpkin cupcakes (homemade). But I have some major gaps in the adult food area. If you have any good make-ahead suggestions, I would greatly appreciate them!! -Mere (in VA)"