pink birds!

Yes, yes, another bird party. But I'm loving the 'birds + blossoms' twist on this one, plus the doses of hot pink.

Dawn of Bee*s Knees parties writes, "I threw a 2nd birthday party this past weekend for my niece Olivia. The theme was Birds + Blossoms. My sister just had another child, so due to slight budget constraints, I needed to be extra creative. The color palate was primarily hot pink and orange, with subtle splashes of light pink. I based the design around a fantastic print of paper that I found at my local craft store. I made all of the blossoms out of tissue paper, using the Martha Stewart shredding scissors. I made blossoms for the girl's hair and boutonnieres for the little boys. For favors, I painted unfinished wood frames from Ikea and filled the frame with handmade bird prints. The children glued rhinestones on the frames as their craft. We played "pin the beak on the bird", and had a blast during musical circle time. We also had a make-shift photo wall, with a fantastic floral print wrapping paper that I found at The Container Store as the backdrop. The desert table and dining tables were inspired by the work of Rebecca Thuss and Amy Atlas. My favorite detail was the adorable floral cups I found at The Container Store! I filled them with pudding and Oreo crumbs and placed little flower lollies in the middle."

Very. Cute.