reader question of the week

I'm baaaack....missed you all greatly. We survived the Great Flood of 2010 with no flood damage. Thank you for your sweet comments and emails. So many in our area were not nearly as fortunate, so we are feeling very blessed and thankful. My son's school, unfortunately, was very damaged, which means no more school for the rest of the school year, and no more summer school! Yikes. We are scrambling to get some extra help, but I'm not complaining. (If you are truly interested in seeing some more firsthand photos of the flood, check out my friend, Miller's, blog)

On to this week's reader question of the week:

"Hi! I have a graduation party that I am planning for brothers who are graduating from high school and college and we are celebrating both together. I would love some fresh ideas for how to combine them and make both feel special. Plus we will be feeding about 30 people but many are teenage boys who eat alot. Food ideas are a must! Thank you! -Kelly"