real party: 'disgusting' pajama birthday party

I love kids and their ideas. My son is particularly creative when coming up with party themes that are outside the box. For his sixth birthday, he requested a 'disgusting' party where his friends would come wearing their pajamas. We had a lot of fun brainstorming the things we could do and ended up with a grossly perfect list of activities. Each child at the party had a turn to receive a clue and lead the party to a new 'disgusting' challenge. The challenges included: musical tooting chairs, eyeball slinging (sticky ones that stuck to the side of our house), mystery box (filled with slimy noodles/'brains'), excavation of snakes and spiders from green jello (using chopsticks), silly string fight, a pinata full of 'disgusting' candy, and was capped off with a treasure hunt where they found their party favors. The kids dined on slug pancakes, eyeball ice cube water, 'vomit' colored milk, 'bug' yogurt and fruit, of course. The cake looked like a pile of dung- with a fly on top. We sent them home tired and with a box of Booger gummies! My six year-old was thrilled.