travel buys

We are getting ready for a Mexico beach vacation with our kids, and I am scrambling to figure out what we need to pack! It feels like I’ve spent eons researching with little to show for it (but lots of things to return). So far, these are our must-have vacation purchases…

I researched camera backpack options for a long time. This one kept coming up as a favorite, and all of its handy pockets and easy access to camera and accessories (while not looking like a camera bag), made this one a winner. Best price here.

Next up, kids water shoes! I think their official category name is ‘kids active sandals.’ We tried everything– Keens, Chacos, Under Armour, Sanouk, etcetera, but ultimately, the winner was a Nike water sock. These fit our kids’ narrow feet without giving them the heeby-jeebys (one of them has some sensory issues and doesn’t like the feel of water shoes).

While these sensory-sensitive children are particular about their feet, they are also very particular about sunscreen. Of course, the one they have ‘approved’ is not cheap, but it does tick all the boxes that are important to me (reef-safe, organic, non-toxic, and a good SPF). Coola is the absolute winner for us (just make sure not to get the matte-tinted Cucumber one which will stain bathing suits).

I’m still working on some other vacation purchases and would love to know if there is something that will save me on our trip!