toot, toot!

That's me tooting my own horn- which I try not to do too often, but I can't help myself (sorry!). While I was doing a 9:30 p.m. grocery run on Friday night, I spotted the May issue of Better Homes and Gardens. On page 24, there it is...a shout-out to Party Perfect- hooray! Thanks to Miranda for putting up with me (I'm not the best interviewee as I tend to go off-point and then forget what I was saying), and to BH&G for choosing little ol' me as one of their faves! I'm so incredibly honored. And apologies for my tilt-y head, not quite sure what I was doing with that one.

thank you, joslyn!

I was so honored to be asked to compile a 'blogger's favorites' list for one of my favorite blogs, Simple Lovely. Thank you, Joslyn!

On a personal note... I've got a really, really full week coming up and anticipate my posts will be fewer and further between for the immediate time being. Don't give up on me, though! I will be back in full force soon.