It’s cold here in Nashville and time for me to hunker down and cozy up. Without further ado, some of my cold-weather favorites… 1… As pretty as a space heater gets, I imagine. Here 2… A weighted blanket got me through last winter (I have the 15 pound version). High marks for this one, here 3, 4… Dr. Ehrler from Motherhood Medicine is my holistic health guru. I rub the immunity serum all over me and the kids in the morning and take the Elderberry Syrup (yummier than any other store-bought version I’ve had). Her website, here. 5… The only tea I drink…cold in the summer and hot in the winter. I’ve tried to find an organic replacement but nothing is as good (so far), here. 6… A little bit of magic goes into every jar of Clary Balm. I use it as an under eye cream, my kids use it for lip balm. Here. 7, 8, 9…I’ve read Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up (loved it, though it was a bit strange at times– I don’t thank my purse in the morning); I can’t recommend The Soul of Money more, it’s magnificent and a quick-read; and I’m just now starting The Hidden Life of Trees. I own all of these sweaters and love them for different reasons. 10… I have this one in 3 different colors. A loose fit and very comfy, here. 11…I wear this almost every day. I got this same sweater coat in camel last year and in deep olive green this season, here. 12… a dressier, shorter sweater coat, for when you want to appear dressed up but still feel cozy, here. 13… a slimmer fitting turtleneck but super soft, here. 14…Thistle Farms is an organization I will support for years to come. They help get women off the streets and out of sex trafficking. Every item you buy supports this amazing enterprise (based in Nashville). This candle smells amazing. 15…Magic flame powder, here. I’m sure full of toxic stuff, but it never fails to delight my children (or me). Happy fall…or winter, as it feels, these days!