Well, this list isn’t pretty but it’s accurate. As my almost 11 year-old boy has gotten older, there are few things he wants for. When pressed, what he most requests are gift cards or money (me, too, buddy!), but it’s still nice for him to have some things to open. First up, 1... miniature finger sports games here...they look entertaining and are a good ‘small’ gift. 2...Preds gear (that’s Nashville Predators– a hockey team, for you non-sports folks). He’s already got plenty of Preds stuff, but apparently more is better when it comes to items emblazoned with their logo. Insulated cup here. 3…trick gum: gets his sister almost every time, here 4...yes, he still wants Fortnite. No, he does not have it. I have been holding out, hoping that the fad would pass, but apparently not. We are still not sure that we will let him get it, but it’s at the top of his list…here 5...Whoopee cushion, no explanation needed, here 6... In an attempt to turn this interest into a more scholarly pursuit , Does It Fart? book here 7... Overwatch- I don’t know much about this game other than it has an 11+ rating from Commonsense Media and doesn’t sound too bad. Review here, game here. He is already getting 'Forza’, check it out here. 8... UnderArmour is still the ‘it’ brand for this age and gender. Gram loves the feeling of ‘exercise clothes’ and so far I’ve found UA wears and washes well. Hockey pullover here 9...Sure to get a laugh in school (now whether or not that is a good thing, I’m not sure). Pencil here 10... Magic 8 ball...because he won’t want to share with his sister (see her list here). 11... tattoo arm sleeves, here. Apparently very realistic looking on lighter skinned people, according to the reviews. 12...Our funny guy loves to get a laugh, and this box of jokes seems to have a good variety. 13...never enough footballs. We’ve got just about every kind and brand, but this one won’t hurt to catch (softer and squish-ier, according to reviews), here. 14... Apparently once you buy the xbox games you have to have a subscription! And that isn’t cheap. X-box gift cards here 15... He still likes to play with his food. Make vegetables or any kind of food more appetizing (or at least entertaining) with these edible eyes, here 16... not sure what the new fixation with Kansas City’s Tyreek Hill is, but there you have it...the jersey he most wants here.